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"consultingengrs provides access to high-caliber talents. We placed a search order and got exactly what we were looking for: a candidate with strong analytical abilities and relevant practical experience." 

- Alex Director, Metro

Looking for an experienced consultant to join your team or need short-term freelancer to complete a project?

  • Tell us your needs and we find a perfect fit 
  • Receive screened candidates to interview so you can focus on your project 
  • 15% contingent success fee- That's it, no upfront costs 

Who are consultingengrs?

Consultants. Looking for a new challenge.

consultingengrs are ...

consulting experience

SMART PROFESSIONALS Passionate consultants who want to take their career with consultingengrs to the next level

EXPERIENCED CONSULTANTS Professionals who are interested in relevant top-notch jobs from first-rate employers

EXPERTS Specialists who want to utilize their industry experience and competencies to add value

consultingengrs works for full-time positions 

How it works

1. SEARCH ORDER Place the search order and we’ll do the rest to save you time and money – only pay if you hire. We analyze your recruitment needs and develop a corresponding profile description to initiate the curated match search on our consultants-only platform. Our success fee is the lowest in the business at 15%.  

2. SHORT-LIST Only screened candidates can join consultingengrs. We only recommend candidates that match the profile and who are interested. This is done effectively through a combination of algorithms and personal contact. We build long-standing relationships with candidates via interview training and high-quality industry contacts. 

3. SELECTION Decide which candidates to interview and receive complete CVs. Rejected candidates will be informed accordingly.  

4. STATUS CHECK We work on a contingent search basis and solicit feedback to improve offer rates. Payment is only due upon successful completion of search i.e. candidate is hired.  

"I rely on consultingengrs for a constant inflow of freelance projects." 

- Tom, Bechtel Inc

consultingengrs works for freelance projects 

How it works

1. PROJECT BRIEF Get high-quality consulting on demand. Define your project objectives and describe the profile you are looking for. Laying out details such as timeframe and budget will help consultants tailor their pitch to your needs. We help you out if you need temporary consulting expertise.  

2. MATCHING Our HR Specialists will recommend the most relevant consultants from our pre-screened pool of consultingengrs covering a wide range of industries/functions to help you find the right one as fast as possible.  

3. SELECTION Screen CVs and choose who you want to interview. Once you reach a decision, you can agree on the project scope and timeframe, which we record on the platform.  

4. PROJECT WORK Start project work immediately and we help you with contracts, documentation and invoicing. Feedback and reviews for consultants can be given upon project completion.  

Do you have any questions?  

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