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We are aware that engineering consultants tend to constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities. At the same time, no one likes pushy headhunter cold calls selling mysterious jobs. consultingengrs offers a transparent overview of exciting jobs for consultants, project and construction managers and engineers. Every job that matches with your preferences and experiences comes with a company name, salary information and a job description. It is up to you whether to apply for a job.


Want to be a consultant on your own terms?

Engineering consultants love what they do. However, a high workload common in consulting all year round is not sustainable in the long run for some. To overcome this issue more and more engineers and consultants decide to break free and start their own freelance business. Consultingengrs provides you with interesting projects that match your expertise and your suggested day rate. It is up to you whether to take on a new project or to travel around the world first.

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Passionate engineer and consultants who want to take their engineering career with consultingengrs to the next level


Professionals who are interested in relevant top-notch engineering jobs from first-rate engineering employers


Engineering specialists who want to utilize their industry experience and competencies to add value

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"As a freelancer I love working on interesting ENGINEERING projects that I consciously pick based on my interests, my preferred working mode and availability. However it is not easy to acquire cool hi-tech or high profile projects. I don't like all the admin stuff around my project work including acquisition and invoicing. consultingengrs helps me focus on the things I do best: helping a client solve a problem." 

Spencer, Ex-OCTA



Freelance engineering consultants who joined consultingengrs appreciate most that they can rely on a constant inflow of interesting, challenging and even mega projects which comes along with high flexibility. They do not need to take care of paperwork since we do all the process handling. Our review scheme enables every engineer consultant to build up a personal brand helping her win pitches.  

According to our users the most important value proposition of consultingheads is transparency. In addition all jobs are highly relevant and from the most exciting employers around the globe. Candidates are in control when to apply for a job and privacy is protected at all times.  


What is consultingengrs?

Consultingengrs is a consultants only job platform for engineers. We help you make your next career move as a freelancer or a full-time opportunity.

What does consultingengrs offer?

Consultingengrs provides you with a transparent overview of exciting full-time and freelance positions relevant to candidates with a consulting background. Stay up-to-date with interesting opportunities in engineering, planning, inspection and testing and determine your market value.

How do I sign up on consultingengrs?

Create an account by registering via email. Please note that we only admin candidates with previous consulting or engineering experience. We will ask you question on your expertise and preferences. Afterward you can upload your CV.

How do I win a project or search for a job?

You will receive a personal message once we find relevant projects or job opportunities that match your expertise. You can choose to apply for that project of job. The tending company will let you know of their decision once they have reviewed your documents.

How much can I earn and how do payments work?

You are free to set up your day rate for each project or job. We will invoice the tending company with an agency fee of 15% on top of you rate. Once a contract for consulting service is reached between you and the tendering company, payments will be made directly to you by that company. We are happy to support you should you encounter any issue.

What happens after project work?

The company will give you a full review for your consulting services. The will be added to your profile to help you build you brand and secure future projects. The company might offer you a full-time position based on your work.

"The consultingengrs team didn't only connect me with my dream engineering company, they also provided me with a coach during the application process. It came as a positive surprise and was definitely very helpful for my interviews!." 

- John, CCM

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